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The following are articles written by Jon Persky and Becky Lathrop that were originally published in Resources Magazine by The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.


Agency Value and Perpetuation


A Taxing Situation (2013)

Adjusting Expectations (Agency Value)

Agency Succession Planning

C Corporation vs. S Status

Everything's Relative

How Much Ends Up in Your Pocket? (2011 - 2013 Tax Implications)

Perpetuation, Death and Life Insurance (Cross Purchase vs. Stock Redemption)

Tax Implications of Buying and Selling Agencies

Human Resources


Hiring the Right Person (Survey Results - Part 1)

Human Resource Laws and Your Agency

Human Resources Questions & Answers

Performance Evaluations and the Termination Process

The Paper Chase

You’re Fired!....Or Are You?

Productivity, Planning & Profitability


Essential Guide to increasing the Size and Profitability of Your Agency

Everybody’s Gone Surfin’ (Productivity)

Paths to Underwriting Profitability

The Definition of Insanity (Business Planning)

Working Harder and Earning Less?