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If you are interested in buying, selling, or perpetuating an agency we can help you achieve superior results.
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Our resource center will provide you with informative articles, publication references, dates and locations of our lectures and other information.
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Optimum Performance Solutions doesn't believe in generic answers. We believe in providing client specific services and solutions. Our clients range from small family-run businesses to divisions of large Fortune 500 companies. Let us design a plan to satisfy your specific needs and maximize your profitability, value, effectiveness, and efficiency.
When my partner decided to sell his interest in our agency to me, we knew we wanted to deal with someone who would look out for the interests of both parties. At first, we consulted with an attorney who specialized in business transfers – however, we soon found out that he did not know the first thing about insurance agencies or their valuation.
Jon was extremely knowledgeable and creative. He worked extremely hard to make sure the deal was fair and worked for both parties. As with all deals, there were some sticky issues that Jon helped us to resolve.

When the time comes to sell my interest in the agency, the first call I will be making will be to Jon. No one knows more about valuations and transfers of insurance agencies than Jon.
Scott Purdy
Hatter Williams & Purdy Inc.
Oceanside, CA
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